Many names can be given to coffee drinks that are derived from different sources. 64 coffee houses offer 64 different drink options. They all agree that they have the same basic recipe. These drinks may have different names, or be made in a variety of ways. One of the best baristas is someone who can make all these drinks.

Italian for “drowned”, Affogato means “drowned”. This drink can be served as a drink, or as a dessert. It may include caramel sauce or chocolate sauce.

The Baltimore contains equal amounts of caffeinated and decaffeinated brewed coffee, while the Black Eye has dripped coffee with two shots of espresso to create a strong flavor.

The Black Tie Thai Iced Tea is a traditional Thai Iced Tea. It is a spicy, sweet combination of chill black tea, orange blossom water and star anise.

The Breven is made using steamed half-and-half cream, while the Caffe Americano, or simply Americano, is made by adding hot water and espresso. This gives a similar strength but a different flavor to regular drip coffee. An Americano’s strength varies depending on how many shots of espresso are added. There are many variations, including the Long Black and Lungo.

European Cafe au Lait, a continental drink that has many names, is the most widely served in European coffee shops. It can be made with strong or weak coffee, as well as espresso. The mixture is then mixed with scalded cream in a 1:1 ratio.

Cafe Bombon originated in Valencia, Spain. It was modified to fit European tastes and other parts of Asia like Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. The European version uses espresso with sweetened condensed dairy in a 1:1 ratio. Asian versions use coffee and sweetened condensed dairy in the same proportion. To create a visual effect, you can use a glass to make two bands of contrasting colors.

The Caffe Latte in America is a combination of espresso and steamed water. It usually contains a 2:1 ratio of milk to espresso with some foam. Large coffee chains like Starbucks have made this drink very popular.

Cafe Medici begins with a double shot espresso that’s extracted in a double-filter basket in a portafilter. This is then poured over chocolate syrup, orange or lemon peel and topped with whipped topping. This drink was created at Seattle’s Last Exit on Brooklyn, a historic coffeehouse.

Cafe Melange is black coffee with whipped cream. This drink is very popular in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Austria.

Café Miel offers espresso, steamed water, cinnamon, honey, and a shot of espresso. Miel means honey in Spanish.

Coffee syrup is used to make coffee milk. It is the official drink of Rhode Island in America.

Cafe mocha, or Mocha, is a variation of a caffe-latte. However, a portion of chocolate syrup is usually added to the Cafe mocha. Instant chocolate powder can be used when instant chocolate powder has been purchased from a vending machine. Mochas can be made with milk or dark chocolate.

Moccaccino, a term that is used in certain regions of Europe and the Middle East, refers to caffe latte with chocolate or cocoa. It is usually a cappuccino with chocolate in the United States.

Cafe Zorro refers to a double espresso that is added to hot water at a 1:1 ratio.

Ca phe soua da, a Vietnamese coffee recipe, is iced milk coffee. Combine black coffee and about 25% to 50% sweetened condensed milk. Pour over ice. Phe sua nog is hot milk coffee. It does not contain ice. Similar drinks are also available in Spain as Cafe del Tiempo (hot) or Cafe con Hielo (ice).

Cappuccino, a coffee-based beverage, is made with hot milk, espresso, and steamed milk foam. The porcelain cup has a better heat retention and is best served in. The cappuccino’s foam acts as an insulation to retain heat. It can stay hotter for longer.

C-Mac, or Caramel Machiatto, is a vanilla latte that has foam and caramel drizzled on top. Chai Latte notes however that the normal cafe latte’s steamed milk is being flavored using a spiced tea concentrate.

A Chocolate Dalmatian refers to a white chocolate mocha with java chips and chocolate chip, while Cinnamon Spice Mocha uses mixed cinnamon syrup and is topped with foam.

To reduce acidity, a Cortado or Pingo is an espresso that includes a small amount warm milk. The ratio of milk and steamed milk to coffee can be between 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 After the espresso has been made, milk is added.

Decaf refers to a beverage made from decaffeinated coffee beans, while Dirty Chai refers to a Chai tea that is made with one shot of espresso.

An Eggnog Latte, a seasonal mix of eggnog and milk, is made with steamed 2% milk. The Eiskaffee is a German ice cream coffee that consists of chilled coffee and milk with sweetener, vanilla, ice cream, or sometimes whipped cream.

Espresso Romano refers to a shot of espresso that has a small amount of lemon juice and sugar added.

Flat Whites are made by adding creamy steamed milk to the bottom of a jug and one shot of espresso to create a lighter foam. Originating in Australia and New Zealand, this drink is now available worldwide.

Frappuccino is a registered trademark of Starbucks, which can be used to describe a blended ice beverage or a bottled coffee beverage with different flavors.

Galao is a hot beverage from Portugal that is made with espresso and foamed dairy. It is served in tall glasses with approximately one-quarter cup of coffee and three-quarters of foamed milk.

Guillermo was first made with one to two shots of hot espresso. It was poured over slices or ice and sometimes with a little milk.

A Gingerbread Latte is another seasonal blend. It consists of steamed water, espresso, gingerbread syrup and topped with a pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla powder.

Greek frappe coffee, a foam-covered iced coffee made from instant coffee that has been spray-dried, is known as. It is a popular Greek summer beverage.

Triple Death is also known as a Green Eye. It is made by combining a triple shot espresso with dripping coffee.

Half-caf refers to a blend of decaffeinated and caffeinated coffee beans. There are two types of iced coffee: Farmers Union Iced Coffee or Toddy coffee

South Indian Coffee is also known as Madras Filter Coffee (or Kaapi), and it’s a sweet, milky coffee made with dark-roasted coffee beans and chicory. It is particularly popular in India’s southern states.

Instant coffee is made from freshly brewed coffee beans. It comes in powdered or granules. Chock full o’Nuts and Japanese canned coffee are some of the brands available.

Irish coffee is coffee with whiskey, cream and sugar.

Kopi susu can be found in Indonesian Borneo, Malaysia and Indonesia. Kopi susu is coffee milk. It’s served in a glass cooled mixed-black Arabica coffee with grounds and about a quarter to half a cup of sweetened condensed. Kopi Turbruk uses sweetened condensed milk instead of sugar.

Libbylou hot espresso is made from equal parts mocha, white mocha, and espresso. It’s topped with espresso and steamed half-and-half. It can be served without any topping.

Liqueur coffee is coffee that has been brewed with a shot liqueur. It is usually served in warmed glasses. To make the cream float, sugar is added to the coffee mixture. There are 17 types; each one uses a different liqueur.

Macchiato espresso has a splash of foamed milk added to it. Espresso is then dispensed directly into the cup. The drink is then topped with cocoa.

Mary Turner Coffee has a light amount of milk, three sweeteners and the rest coffee. This is a great evening drink.

Mazagran, a Portuguese long-cold coffee beverage, is served in tall glasses. It’s usually made with at most strong coffee, often espresso, lemon, and ice. Sugar, rum, or water can be added to the cup. A quick version adds previously sweetened espresso in a cup with some ice cubes.

Mochasippi can be made by baristas at southern coffee shops. Mochasippi is similar to the Mocha but contains real espresso shots and not powdered instant coffee.

Pumpkin Spice Latte, a fall seasonal mix of steamed milk and espresso, sugar, vanilla extract and pumpkin pie spice. It is topped with foam, cinnamon, and a pinch pumpkin pie spice.

Pocillo refers to a small amount of unsweetened coffee. It is usually prepared using an espresso machine, moka maker or both. However, it was traditionally prepared using a cloth drip, and served in specially made cups in Latin America.

Raspberry Mocha is a regular mocha that has raspberry flavor.

Red Eye refers to a dripped cup of coffee that contains one shot of espresso. Red Tie is a traditional Thai Iced Tea. It is a sweet and spicy combination of chilled black tea and orange blossom water.

A Red Tux is a Zebra Mocha that has raspberry flavoring.

New York City’s regular coffee is a regular cup of coffee that includes cream and sugar. Coffee regular is another variant.

Ristretto refers to a very brief shot of espresso coffee. Ristretto has a stronger flavor than espresso, and all flavors can be attributed to espresso.

The Skinny Latte, a low-calorie latte with steamed nonfat milk and artificial sweeteners like Equal or Splenda, is a lower-calorie version. A Soy Latte can be made with steamed soymilk.

To make a Torpedo, you place the froth of steamed milk into a cup and let the espresso coffee fall through the froth. For those who like stronger espresso, the torpedo gives them a distinct and clean taste.

Triple C’s Cinnamon Dolce Latte is a combination of caramel syrup and chocolate syrup.

Turkish coffee is made by heating the coffee grounds in hot water, but not boiling for too long to dissolve the flavorsome compounds. Turkey uses a range of sweetness from one teaspoon to two teaspoons. The best cup is the one that produces the most foam.

Vienna coffee is a traditional cream-based coffee beverage. It is made by making two shots of strong espresso in a cup. Once the coffee is ready, add whipped cream to make it full. Finally, top it with chocolate sprinkles and more cream.

White Chocolate Mocha, also known as White Mocha, is a sweet combination of espresso, steamed Milk, and white chocolate syrup. This sweet drink is often served with whipped cream.

Yuanyang is also known as Ying Yong and is a popular Hong Kong beverage. It is a combination of Hong Kong-style milk and coffee. It can be served either hot or cold. Yuanyang, which is a combination of two items that are not related, is used to describe this drink.

Zebra Mocha is sometimes called a Black Tux. It’s a mix of regular mocha and a white mocha.

The variety of coffee drinks included here is not only expanded by the inclusion of local drinks, but also by new creations by customers and baristas. They will be added to the above list if they are well-known around the globe.

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